Friday, November 25, 2011

Oracle WebCenter 11g

Yesterday I attended one event on Oracle Middleware update. Out of the various product update, the below three products are fantastic,

1) Oracle Golden Gate, Oracle Data Integrator
2) Oracle Exalogic
3) Oracle WebCenter

I first worked on Oracle WebCenter more than 3 years ago, its earliest first official release - Oracle WebCenter During that time my objective is to consolidate the following user-facing features into one streamlined highly interactive user empowered Web 2.0 application

1) Oracle Portal 10g
2) OCS 10g (Oracle Content Server) - For managing documents, scheduling, web conferencing etc.
3) Oracle Beehive
4) Better and easier integration J2EE based web application.
5) Open source products for managing wiki, blog, forum etc

After few months' try, I decided not to use Oracle WebCenter at that time as the product is not so mature esp. the portal features are not so advanced though other features are quite okay such as ADF skin for CSS 3.0 stylesheet integration, and WSRP (Web Service For Remote Portlet) which provides cleaner and tighter integration between the portal and J2EE web applications

After yesterday's event, the picture has completely changed. So my suggestion to any organization who is embarking on company intranet or internet solution to have more robust and customized workflow enabled document management, create stickiness with employees and external customers/vendors, do take a look and evaluate Oracle WebCenter.

For more detail, you can watch the Oracle WebCenter demo at youtube


  1. Thanks for the feedback, Victor!

    We treasure inputs from our audiences very much and totally see the alignment of your use-cases to our design objectives.

    I look forward to more in-depth discussions on the Webcenter topic with you.


  2. Recently I also looked at Oracle WebCenter although I haven't worked on it similar to you in few year. Funny enough, I found not a lot has changed. Today, there are many other more light weight choices for building web 2.0 applications.

    I also used to be a Java buff and have poured in my blood, sweat and tears on Oracle ADF, JSF, etc.