Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inaugural ACoP Event

It all started from casual conversation some time ago between Siang Hock (one of the ISS EA course participant) and Tan Eng Tsze of  ISS, how to apply TOGAF in the workplace, any experience and industry insight available to share. They discussed the idea, trying to form up the group, did not realize the plan at that time, and eventually the plan was put on shelf. Then this topic resurfaced again this Feb, and ball started rolling, and eventually led to the inaugural ACoP (Architecture Community of Practice) event on April 24 at NUS ISS.

Saket Saith (Chief of the founding members)  kicked off the event and gave a very warm and interesting welcome introduction to the 50 + attendees.

Tony Chong (one of our founding members) shared the importance of soft side of Enterprise Architects, and how to build up the soft skill sets required to move up the enterprise architect ladder. There were very interactive discussions and debate during the talk, and it continued during the networking session after the talk.

We were very happy to see so such big turnout for the first event, this gave us a lot of encouragement and also pressure at the same time to keep the momentum going.

We encouraged the participants come forward to give us their feedback and suggestions, what kind of topics they like to hear from the community. Currently we have planned two more events for this year, the next one is in July, and another one in Nov.

We have not decided the topic and presenter for Nov event yet, so if anyone from the community would like to present and share, please let us know, you can drop me a message via my Linked-IN.


1. Who we are

We are group of architecture practitioners who are passionate about the architecture and committed to the goal of advancing architecture as a foundational discipline in the industry by collaborative learning through sharing knowledge, experience and insights within the community.

2. April 24 Event at ISS

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