Sunday, June 17, 2012

Effective enagement for information modeling for clients

Recently I am reading the book "Business Dynamics", found the following two paragraphs are extremely useful for any information modeller for effective engagement with the clients
To be effective the modelling process must be focused on the clients' needs. The clients for a modelling process project are busy. .... The care little for the elegance of your theory or cleverness of your model. Modeling is done to help the client, not for the benefits of the modeler. The client context and real world problem determine the nature of the model, and the modelling process must be consistent with the clients' skills, capabilities, and goals. The purpose is to help the clients solve their problem. If the clients perceive your model does not address their concerns or lose confidence in it, you will have little impact. Focus your modeling work on the problems that keep the clients up at night.
 On the other hand,
 Modelers should not automatically accede to clients' requests to include more detail or to focus on one set of issues while ignoring others, just to keep the clients on board. A good modeling process challenges the clients' conception of the problem. Modelers have a responsibility to require their clients to justify their opinions, ground their views in data, and consider new viewpoints.......

For more detail, pls get your copy and reading, you will benefit tremendously from this system thinking!

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